About Me

I have worked in the business of exercise and sports therapy for over 20 years and in my experience the more you use your body the better. The expression “use it or lose it” is something I say all the time, regardless to age or injury. I trained with Body Control Pilates to become an instructor in 2009 after teaching exercise to music for over 25 years. It was one of the best things I have done, Pilates has helped me with so many aspects of my job. More importantly for me is that I can teach a wider range of the general population.

People often ask me, “Is Pilates any good for me”? The great thing about Pilates exercises, is that it can be adapted for individuals even those with various limitations. It teaches you to have an awareness of how your body works with regard to movement.

Over years of treating various injuries I have realised that one of the biggest issues that inhibits recovery, is fear. People are frightened to move. But once they start to exercise I can see the confidence return to them and slowly they start to get better.

The Facilities
My classes are held in local halls which are well ventilated and warm in the winter. The halls in Hitchin, Letchworth and Arlesey are large and plenty big enough for 10 – 12 clients.

All venues have easy access to toilets and drinking water and there is also easy access parking areas in all venues.

My Objectives
I want every client to enjoy the experience of a well taught and structured class, I hope that they will leave the class feeling invigorated, relaxed and confident of the benefits that Pilates can offer.