“Pilates with Margaret is the highlight of my week. I can do things at the end of the session which I could not do at the start! It’s a great way to start a Monday!
Margaret makes you feel very relaxed. She is knowledgeable and kind with a good sense of humour! She takes the time to address the individual needs of all members of the class.”
Gill Carpenter

“Pilates for me is one of the most important things I have been doing for the past 10 years following a gym injury. It is a way of life and my Monday evening class at 7pm is a firm date in my diary. After it I feel strengthened and more alive. Margaret our teacher is down to earth and practical in her teaching. She demonstrates each exercise and goes round the class to watch each individual member and put them in the correct position to perform to their best. She searches for different premises to try to keep our fees low. Her sense of humour makes her lessons a pleasure to attend.”
Pauline Darby

“I started Pilates about a year ago following a recommendation from my mother. I do find Pilates interesting and it has really helped my back/neck problems. I am much more aware of my posture in everyday situations as well as in class. Margaret always gives encouragement and constructive advice on how to improve and we nearly always have a giggle! Why not give it a try?”
Amanda Davies

“Margaret’s clear instruction, watchful eye for accuracy and sunny disposition, make weekly Pilates unmissable.”
Jane Miles

“I have been going to Margaret’s class for 6 months now and I always look forward to it. As I find it challenging sometimes, I love the way she always offers three different levels so I can choose the one that suits me. She somehow manages to make it an individual session in a class setting. She is an excellent teacher and very approachable”
Christine Scott

“Pilates has made a difference to my core strength and helped me to successfully manage a long term back problem. Margaret is an experienced Pilates teacher, who adapts her teaching for different levels of experience in the same class. She also focuses on the individual, taking into account any injuries or chronic conditions her pupils have. ”
Catherine Scott

“I would like to say a big thank you to Margaret for welcoming me to the class and giving each of us a personalised programme of exercises that challenges us and helps us to engage with our bodies.”
Judith Nash

“I have been attending Margaret’s classes for about 4 years now. I rarely experience the spasms in my back that used to be a problem and I feel my core strength is much improved. Margaret varies the exercises every week so you don’t get bored! ”
Vanessa Farnfield